Happy Wheels

Happy Wheels is a hilarious and addictive flash game available online which was created by Jim Bonacci. It’s available for free although on some sites players might need to create an account before playing the game. It is very addictive! This needs to be reiterated and players should definitely keep this in mind before trying out the game.

Essentially players are presented with a type of obstacle course that has moving platforms and other types of blockades like a bumpy road. There are four different characters that players can choose from. There is an old homeless looking man in a wheel chair, a middle aged man with a helmet riding on a segway, a moustached father riding a bicycle and his son is strapped to a seat behind him, and lastly an obese woman driving one of those motorized carts from the grocery store. However, the last character described is only available in the full version of the game so if players wish to unlock the obese woman driving a motorized cart they would have to purchase the full game beforehand. The whole point is that these characters are not at all prepared for the challenges they will face in the quasi obstacle course. There are also other things to purchase like different obstacle courses and different levels of difficulty of the obstacle courses provided for purchase. The creator of the game, Jim Bonacci, does have a paypal so that people can donate because he did create the game on his own free time and surely with his own resources.

Online Happy Wheels

The controls for Happy Wheels are fairly easy and simple the only requirement is a computer keyboard and the basic knowledge of how to navigate a computer keyboard. If you want your character to accelerate or decelerate/reverse you use the up and down arrow keys. Characters will lean out of harms way by pressing the left and right arrow keys. Pressing the space bar, ctrl key, or shift key will prompt specific character actions. If the player’s character becomes stuck or needs to move around something try pressing the z key to eject. Once ejected, the character can grab onto whatever their hands are touching with the spacebar, or if the character is on the ground pressing the arrow keys can move them into different poses or cause them to writhe around on the ground. It’s very easy to die in this game which is why it’s so addicting, especially to competitive personality types, but the game can easily be restarted with a press of the ESC key or the r key.

Happy Wheels Keys

happy wheels keys

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There is gore and blood splattering in the game, such as limbs snapping off. So Happy Wheels game is definitely not for children unless the child is a teenager then there shouldn’t be a problem with it. It’s a bit g rated gore wise compared to other games that today’s youth plays. If players wish to share the game with a friend that lives far and way on the other side of the world then it’s possible to click any “share” button on whatever website they’re playing the game on and show the game off to their friends via Facebook, Twitter, or any other type of social media. It’s even possible to share the game through an email.

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